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  • Tis the season...

    Tis the season for rude-ass shoppers, fa-la la-la-la- whatever.

    Seriously, I was out and about today (Friday Nov. 25th) and noticed that all good manners have vanished. I mean, sure it's 'black friday', the busiest shopping day of the year, but damn. Here's a few bad manners that piss me off

    When I'm looking at something on a shelf, and I'm all the way against the shelf, there's all kinds of room to go around me but people still say 'excuse me, I need through'. It's like **************** you, ****************************! Go the **************** around me, or are you SOOOOO ****************ing important I should stop what I'm doing to accomodate you?

    When I hold the door for someone and they have to hold the door as they go through. Like "Gee whiz, they foiled my attempt to slam the door on their ass"

    When I need to get through an aisle and there literally is no way around, and I politely say 'excuse me' and make it clear in body language I just need to get past them and they say 'I'm sorry'. Like "You better be sorry, next time you'll know better"

    People that work there giving you the dirty looks for asking where something is, like "stupid customer! How dare you interupt ME in my conversation with a coworker just to do what I'm here to do!"

    But the worst, is after I'm done with all my Xmas shopping...
    I go to crowded stores and just go up & down the most crowded aisles with a cart just to watch people get all worked up...
    I wasted too much time on these forums. I'm never posting again. I'm serious. If anyone cares, just think... instead of posting inane (but fun!) stuff on OJ, I'm playing my guitars, spending time with my wife, reading comic books, and other stuff I'd been neglecting. Well, at least I quit while I had a cool post count - 666.