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How often does your partner trim his/her pubes?

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  • How often does your partner trim his/her pubes?

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    i dont know about her but i trim my pelvic region and nut sack and ass and ass crack every 30 mins. or as close to that as i can given the structure of the day

    ok, let me stop lying. replace i dont about her, with i dont know about him.

    sometimes we hold the razor in our mouths and do each other. the trick is, not to use the handle but just the razor part with plastic around it.
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    also, most pissed off, energetic drummer you're ever likely to see. his guitarist described it as "beating his way out of his mother's **** every time he plays"


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      All my partners are partially or fully shaved.
      A voice in my head tells me so.
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        Depends which partner you're talking about....

        I trim the sheep twice a year, but the dog sheds on his own
        Special thanks to Brian Jones