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John Walker Lindh, the so-called "American Taliban" released from prison

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    He did his time. End of story.
    tRump is NO star player. The ball simply bounced in his direction.


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      Originally posted by panhandler View Post
      He did his time. End of story.
      Actually, it would just be more like the end of chapter 1 of the story.
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        Originally posted by redEL34 View Post

        If you`d like to differentiate on details I`d love to hear you argument on them vs Mr. Taliban. Those cases are not very clear cut as I read them.
        Forgive me; I am not at all clear what it is you’re asking me.
        What argument of mine are you referring to?
        The only one I proffered in this post is that John Walker Lindh does not seem to be reformed.
        Is that what you’re asking me about?
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        Originally posted by -NPC-;n32500008

        Trump is not creepy. He is lovable and charming.