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SAT: Academic Equality or Bust

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  • SAT: Academic Equality or Bust

    That's what it's looking like for the SAT.

    Evidently Dumbing Down has become a new academic achievement in the context of scoring so let's eschew the scoring and start from ground zero. I'm a fair day's wage for a fair day's work, no free lunch sort of guy. I worked my tail off without a silver spoon to reach my goals and I don't recognize affirmative action as anything but a discriminatory agent of divisiveness. Now a political monster, the only acceptable treatment of it is to continue stroking it. I firmly believe it to be the banner child for the discriminatory engineering of an entire society. That said, to give a person special SAT score consideration because of cultural identity is a sign of a broken system, and that the SAT is one symbolic scorecard for it.

    For my waxing contribution to equality, all people are qualified to attend university regardless of their cultural identity or economic status. Manage to get that sorted out and watch as equality does the rest naturally as a function of academic unity in young, like minded people: students. The entire vetting process for college entrance is flawed by virtue of its exclusionary methods, in the face of efforts to abolish such divisiveness in all its forms as a platform moving forward, and should be corrected or dropped entirely.

    "Robert Schaeffer, the public education director of FairTest, a group that is critical of standardized testing, said that if the SAT needed a sophisticated contextual framework to make it valid, then “it’s a concession that it’s not a good test.”
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    Two thoughts:

    1) The correct answer to a mathematics or grammar problem has nothing to do with "adversity". It is either correct or incorrect, and the score attained should be the score given and considered. If you can't do the math, you will not succeed in a rigorous STEM program, no matter how much "adversity" you have been exposed to.

    2) Not every high school student has access to the same level of coursework, for a variety of reasons that don't all have to do with the metrics listed in this article. Perhaps a better way to "handicap" the scores would be to provide a rating based on the coursework that the student has been able to take. This would offset somewhat the lower scores by kids in a district where they don't teach high school calculus or have 4 years of multiple languages available.
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      We can’t rest until all the children are above average.


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        They aren't handicapping scores, they're providing additional data. Looks like it is up to individual colleges what do to with the information.


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          Apparently the latest trick is to get a doctor's note to allow you unlimited time to take the test instead of the time limit. Some lame excuse like attention deficit disorder or dyslexia etc. They used to put an asterisk after these scores but lawyers complained that that was discrimination against the handicap. It's been said that almost half the kids in some towns are allowed unlimited time to take the SAT and no one is allowed to challenge the scores which are weighted equally against kids who took it the time limited way.
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