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  • OT: NBD

    I don't play bass so I didn't want to bet the farm on one but this looked pretty good to me.
    Unlike the public at large, I always thought bass was cool.
    Yamaha TRBX604FM

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    The upper horn is simply yuge. Congrats, I always like Yammies.


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      That's a nice looking axe!
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        Originally posted by prolurkerguy View Post
        The upper horn is simply yuge.
        Without a long upper horn they'd be hopelessly neck-heavy. My Ibanez SR-1100 has a long upper horn too.

        Nice looking bass Rogue - congratulations!

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          Yamaha is always consistent with a quality product at every price range. I shopped around for a bass a few years ago and ended up getting one of their low-end 'Fender inspired' models that has served me very well.Click image for larger version

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            Happy New Bass day, enjoy.


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                  Nice looking Yamaha.
                  The bigger the horn the bigger know what.

                  I'm not a bass guy but needed one a while ago so I got a Sire Marcus Miller, $550, and it's excellent. There are some super deals nowadays coming out of Asia.

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