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WTF is wrong with this guy?

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    Not all republicans support white supremacy and Nazis - but white supremacist hate groups seem to have found a "safe space" within the republican party.
    Even our 'R' president had to be forced, by congressional measure, into disavowing Nazis. It doesn't come naturally to a lot of them.

    This Nazi received over 50k votes - on a Republican ticket.


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      Turtle power!!!

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      "Turtle Power," indeed...

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    Originally posted by Turd Furgison View Post

    he's been in office 15 years and just won reelection, he is exactly the kind of guy americans in his district want in office.
    I just read that there are a number oft potential primary challenges in the works for 2020. He just may want to make America white again. Problem is that this land never was totally white, though the past four hundred years or so, it's been under pretty much under white control.
    "Truth is what stands the test of experience."

    ...Albert Einstein


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      Originally posted by slodge View Post

      Sure they can.

      And they can disavow him, condemn him, primary the hell out of him, and shun him.
      They are.

      "The top Republican in the House vowed Sunday that "action will be taken" after Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King's recent comment about white supremacy and white nationalism.

      "That language has no place in America," California GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy said on CBS' "Face the Nation.""