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The Democrats Have a Huge Hispanic Voter Problem

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    mercy bump.....


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      Originally posted by Daryl Flynn View Post
      ... approved of Trump’s performance (black Americans? 12 percent). This is no outlier.
      Just YESTERDAY, you were claiming Trump had 35% approval among blacks.

      What happened?


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        Can't tell if the OP thinks this poll is accurate or not.


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          Meanwhile in the real world, it looks like support for our "creepy porn President" is declining in his typically stronghold States.


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            Originally posted by Daryl Flynn View Post

            "Honey, NPR is at the door trying to show me some BS poll"

            "Did you tell them that Latinos aren't going to turn out for Dems, and it's a serious problem for them?"

            "Yes, but they keep waving this phony poll in front of me like it means something"

            "Shut the door on them"
            Trump's approval rating is still in the toilet, but then he is a "creepy porn President".


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              Originally posted by Daryl Flynn View Post
              That's not my words. It's a NY Magazine writer.
              You repeated it here as gospel.

              Originally posted by Daryl Flynn View Post
              Trump is at 36% with blacks, according to Rasmussen

              He was at 36, according to Rassmusslol. In early August.

              Now he is at 12, according to the poll YOU are citing in this thread.


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              I guess sending Ice agents around the Country to arrest Hispanics and splitting up families at the border plus deporting Hispanics who were born here or denying entry to the US to Hispanics who were born here all adds up to Trumps magic formula for big support among Hispanics.


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                Legal Hispanics give me the biggest tips.
                and no, I don't don't talk politics on my bus ever.
                they just love me.


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                  I figured out why the left likes polls so much.
                  only Daryl and I know the answer.


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                    Just how huge is this hispanic voter Ds are having a problem with? Bigger than Andre the Giant?

                    Is This Thing On?



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                      Even if Hispanics and Blacks wanted to vote against Democrats they couldn't because Republicans had them purged from the rolls or their polling place closed. If Republicans are so damn popular with Blacks and Hispanics why are Republicans working so hard to make sure they can't vote?
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                      Originally posted by nedezero1;
                      Good. More lib fake news correspondents need to be assaulted when they get too pushy.


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                        Click image for larger version

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                        Originally posted by Daryl Flynn View Post
                        Trump is at 36% with blacks last time Rasmussen polled. It's probably higher now considering Kanye and Candace.
                        It is at 12% now, according to the poll you cited.


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                          Originally posted by Daryl Flynn View Post

                          Link the Rasmussen poll where it's "12%"

                          Pro tip: It doesn't exist
                          YOUR POLL IN THE OP says 12%


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                            Originally posted by BA.Barcolounger View Post

                            YOUR POLL IN THE OP says 12%
                            I tried this already.

                            Next he will tell you that it is actually two polls as a way of avoiding your point. I don't think you will pin him down on whether he thinks the polls that he started this thread to bring to our attention are accurate or inaccurate.