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How Trump is getting punked by NK over Korean War soldiers’ remains

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  • How Trump is getting punked by NK over Korean War soldiers’ remains

    What a complete and utter fool. So much winning

    President Donald J. Trump has been a collaborator in the charade at least since the June 12 Singapore summit when he proudly claimed to have talked Kim Jong Un into incorporating return of remains as the fourth and last point of the brief statement that both of them signed. "The remains will be coming back," he boasted in the rambling press conference he staged a few hours later. “They're going to start the process immediately."

    Maybe he thought that was true. Or maybe he just thought his faithful followers would believe it. In Duluth, Minnesota, at one of his political pep rallies more than two weeks ago, he announced that the North Koreans already had returned 200 sets of remains.

    Nope. That hadn’t happened and hasn’t happened. And on Thursday, when a team from the U.N. Command including U.S. officers showed up at the truce village of Panmunjom fully primed to meet a North Korean team to discuss details about the return of remains, the North Koreans stood them up.

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    No surprises here. Trump the chump and his misguided ilk probably will not raise an eyebrow. Rocket man strikes again!
    Everybody is terminally ill.


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      In fact, in 2005 as the war of words between the U.S. and North Korea worsened, and as their nuclear program progressed, the North Koreans cut off the return of remains after having engaged in "joint recovery operations” for nearly 10 years. The number of remains returned up to that time came to 629 out of 5,300 American soldiers listed as missing in North Korea during the war that ended 65 years ago this month when the armistice was signed at Panmunjom.
      Cornhair was punked by Kim in every way possible in that meeting.

      But I feel really sorry for the family members of those missing soldiers. The douchebag shouldn't have built up their hopes to begin with, but to further lie about it in one of his ̶N̶a̶z̶i̶ so-called rallies?

      On second thought...look who we're talking about!