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Good for Houston

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  • Good for Houston

    After the tragedy they endured earlier this year at least they have a ray of sunlight in this great victory. Pretty good World Series as well.

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    That was a very good series...


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      They were a tightly matched pair of teams. It really could have gone either way, but they came out early, got runs and held onto the lead.

      People in town here in Houston really needed that distraction. Many are still trying to rebuild their lives, but in general I think its going better then expected. Neighbors helping neighbors on a local basis is the key to recovery in a healthy community. You're able to help those who need help and not line the pockets of those who don't. This country could be a real Garden of Eton if we could weed out those who really need help from those who want a free ride.

      Lets hope the Parade goes off without any nut bags trying to pull something off.