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Trump disinvites Warriors from White House visit.

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    Originally posted by epi56ebony View Post

    Very true, Kaep one trick pony but at least he'd have a ring and a lot more love from Niners fans who would turn a blind eye to the knee.

    By the way, Kaep was soooo stupid to opt out. If there's anywhere where bending the knee was ok, it's SF Bay Area. Niners Org glad he did what he did, as am I, but he'd still be a backup today if he stayed with Niners

    Agree with all. Not sure what he was thinking when he opted out, since no one wanted him even before that. When Osweiler left Denver, Elway made at run at him, but told he wouldn't pay him the $11M his contract with the 49ers called for. I'm not a huge Elway fan, but with Siemiens playing like he is and Osweiler and Kap sucking wind he looks like a genius.
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      Guido, what you don't understand is the bureaucracy of the Government just rumbles along.

      Doesn't really matter who's President.

      It's not a game but it is what it is.

      SInce so many countries now have nukes it's really just a checkmate.

      Things get passed, things get overturned, things just fail on their own.

      Congress, the court system everything is just molasses.

      So enjoy the little things, like watching a little football and a little baseball. Would be great if the SF Giants take 2 out 3 from the Dodgers...little things.

      By the way, I never boycott I don't care who's calling for it.
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        I'm going to follow Dotards lead. I'm uninviting the Rolling Stones for my birthday party

        They'll be crushed
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          Originally posted by epi56ebony View Post
          Guess there'll be a whole lot less Black athletes invited to the White House during Trump Presidency.

          Trump should just stop inviting any winning teams to the White House, stop going to Hollywood Honor events [which he is doing to the Kennedy Center Honors]

          It's not a big deal and he's still The President and he still crushed Hillary Clinton, all the other stuff is meaningless.

          2020 will really be interesting if he decides for a second term.

          Regardless of how his Presidency ends up he's made the history books...bigly!

          No one has won the Presidency the way he did. A true outsider.

          So now I know there'll be a lot of comments on the crappy job he's been doing, that's ok, bring it on.

          I still think he's doing fine, and if you bring up his poll numbers just let me know if it's the same pollsters that said he would lose.
          Still not understanding the difference between polls and predictions, are you?
          “If our leaders seek to conceal the truth, or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts, then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom.” - Rex Tillerson, Fmr Sec of State


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            Originally posted by oldsoapbars View Post
            I'm going to follow Dotards lead. I'm uninviting the Rolling Stones for my birthday party

            They'll be crushed
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