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RNC to Trump : Tone it down

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    Originally posted by Tom Hicks View Post

    Gee, I wonder what Trump's position is on this point of fact about CO2 and warming?

    His position is inconsistent, on one hand he says humans do have a role in global warming, then pulls out of the Paris agreement. The Paris agreement was a weird one, it basically penalized the US but allowed other countries to keep on polluting with the US footing the bill, not a good deal.

    Then he said Gore should have his nobel prize taken away for his work with the environment, but Gore admitted lying about certain aspects of his work, so who knows?
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    • Tom Hicks
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      From your link...

      But Trump’s comments from the past seven years show that he has long dismissed the scientific evidence that man-made climate change is real — going so far as to call it a "con," a "hoax" and "bull----.