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Police barred from Vermont gun range over proposed semi-automatic rifle ban.

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    Just for the record - Vermont's extremely low crime rate has absolutely nothing to do with its lack of gun laws.  It can get away with no gun laws because it is the least urban state in the country.  Burlington is the largest city, with a population under 40,000 - and it's the only municipality in the state with more than 20,000.  There only nine municipalities with more than 10,000 people in the entire state.  Most people live in the countryside, where their nearest neighbor may be more than a quarter mile away.


    Comparing that to places like Illinois, California, New York, etc. - places that are highly urbanized, and therefore have the problems that come with population density - is pretty disingenuous and doesn't add anything to the debate.


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      the tinfoil militia gone rise up and whup that uppity POTUS, yes'm they sho is

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    Man's Got To Know His Limitations........