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Ownership of songs in collaborations

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  • Ownership of songs in collaborations


    I make music with a partner, and want to specify the ownership of each song individually because I put significantly more time and knowledge into the music than he does. I have good knowledge of copyrights and the differences between the right in the composition and the right in the recorded composition but still some open questions:

    I thought about writing something like this per song (in addition to a partnership agreement):

    Individual Music Ownership Agreement

    Song name: "Supersong"

    1. Musical composition:
    Partner A: 80%
    Partner B: 20%

    2. Lyrics:
    Partner A: 50%
    Partner B: 50%

    3. Performance on recorded composition with the name "Supersong":
    Partner A: 100%
    Partner B: 0%

    4. Ownership of master:
    Partner A: 80%
    Partner B: 20%

    I am not sure whether 3 and 4 are handled separately or as one point. I know that usually whoever pays for the recording owns the master (traditionally the label but I record and mix in my studio). I have also heard that ownership of the master is equally shared in all participants including a label for example. Or can it be specified in detail as I have done above. Or does it make sense to value the recording and mixing as a "performance".

    Thanks a lot for any help.

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    What the Case is who wrote the song not who preforms the song, Andrew Loyd Webber Wrote A Contempry song Variations made into a Lp played by Rock Stars . But if this a partner ship I would say its 50/50 because with out the other the song may have never been made


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      Hi thanks. But afaik performers also acquire rights in recordings. Meaning if you play instruments or sing on a recording you have performance rights wich will be compensated through collecting societies (depending on country). I don't think every partnership has be 50/50 by default. For instance, one partner plays live the other one does most of the studio work. There can be a big imbalance which will create issues in the future if not dealt with in time.