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Why I Don’t Use Reverbnation For Email Marketing

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  • Why I Don’t Use Reverbnation For Email Marketing

    This is not a post bashing ReverbNation.
    Hell, I’ve had a profile on there for years and have had very few problems.
    It is not a bad place to network with other musicians. They have a few decent tools. And its nice to have some links back to my website and other social media properties.
    If you are just starting out and testing the waters, you could do a lot worse.
    But if you want to get serious about marketing online, building your fan base, and growing your music career, you should be thinking beyond ReverbNation. Especially when it comes to your email marketing.

    You can read the rest here if you'd like.

    Here is why I avoid using Reverbnation FanReach to build my fanbase base using email marketing and promote my music online.
    Official Website (where to hear my stuff)
    Thoughts on how I get fans and make a few bucks with

  • #2 may want to go back an edit that many mis-spellings...I do, however, concur that R-nation's e-mail blast function is pretty, um, basic, to the point of being very little help beyond, as you mentioned, sending an initial greeting to newbies. But I would have liked to have seen more info on other auto-responders, for balance if nothing else, since the blog comes across as little more than a plug for GetResponse.
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      Editing a comment
      Thank you for the heads up DM!

      Pouring over it now.

      Yeah, after looking at a post for days (or weeks) you start to miss that stuff. Plus I am just a one man band. Need an editor. Some day!

      Glad you like the content otherwise. Have a good one.