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should we start a label, or a pseudo-label?

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  • should we start a label, or a pseudo-label?

    Hi, guys,

    I sometimes read articles and discussions on HC, but I just newly registered because of this question that's troubling me......

    A couple of friends and I got together one day and discovered that we all wanted to release an album. The conversation went from sharing ideas into a discussion of "why don't we start a label?" I did some research on the topic, and figured that one might have to invest financially to establish a legally and financially represented label. But, honestly we're not out to make money, we just want to release something we like, that might or might not be enjoyed by certain people. So there is also the option of just creating an online presence that looks like a label - a net label one might say - and go by the way of independent musicians. But then, when I think about it, I think "what's the difference between that and releasing separately as our selves?"

    Now, a little background on me and my friends: Our music is not all that similar with each other to begin with. But then, we're not quite similar to any established marketable genre either, which makes us similar in that way. We all have a history in producing soundtracks for film, dance, theatre, commercials, video art...etc., suiting the needs of clients of various tastes. In fact we are doing modestly well in those circles (in our country that is). We pay our bills doing that stuff. We discovered a common desire that we wanted to produce something for ourselves. We have been making music for years but scarcely presented ourselves as musical artists per se. Hence my ignorance of the music distribution business.

    The common features of our music is that they are all quite soundtrack-like but NOT hollywood-orchestral kind of soundtrack, but more influenced by our involvement in the arts and our eclectic history. I personally think some of our future output might turn out, musically, to be something akin to NIN's "ghosts" series. Not quite conventional, not too experimental as to be outlandish, too conventional to be on an experimental label, not easy to define, but still easy to imagine as being a soundtrack to some weird film. Something like that.

    If you have some insights on online distribution or label management, I would be happy to hear your advice.
    Although your advice might come from a different country with a different environment, I believe I would still learn something.
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