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Fed up with all the promo costs with new releases....

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  • Fed up with all the promo costs with new releases....

    .... so we put up all our music for free from our website. http://www.feudmusic.com/musicdownloads

    Good move? Bad move? Only time will tell I guess!

    Anyone else do this?


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    In my opion a bad move. Why should you give away all of your music for free? Maybe set up a site and get people to give you their email address so they can get one song for free, not all of your songs. You can use this list as your core fans so they can get to know your band and start the buzz, buy your stuff and go to your gigs!

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      I gave away my music for 5 years. Caused some unbelievable buzz and iTunes sales from every corner of the globe actually.

      What it did most is helped me to learn about music promotion, publishing and royalties inside and out. I became incredibly confident in pitching music and understanding that there is a massive world-wide market for music.

      Now that I know what I am doing, I will never even give a sample song away for free again.

      For my next release I joined BMI and I will do CD Baby Pro so I can collect royalties from every known agency in the world.

      If you have good music which you do (I listened) and you consider yourselves professional then I would focus on licensing and keep those songs behind the paywall.

      What you will end up with is a whole lot of buzz and some new fans ... but nothing to show for it but a bit of excitement. The type of fan you gain is the type who does not pay for music. That does nothing for you but maybe give you some confidence.

      There is no point to that when lots of people can and do pay for music.

      If you want people to sample you music for free, then at least send them to Spotify where you will get at least money for a beer or two to show for your work. Its a matter of respect for your craft and people seeing you as a pro.
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