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Credible / sustainable online marketing?

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  • Credible / sustainable online marketing?

    Well, if this forum hasn't died, I have a question about marketing online.

    First and foremost I believe you have to know your goals. Heres mine:

    1. I do this as a hobby. So I don't have time to do "media blitzes" and I don't care about getting "signed".

    2. I don't care about the money. Some would be nice, but it's more important to me that I get heard than anything.

    3. I want to get it out there beyond "make a CD and post about it on facebook".

    4. I want it to be a reliable form of marketing rather than fad based, meaning I don't want to have to latch onto the next social or meta networking fad and add a bunch of people to have it fall flat and do it over again in 5 years.

    Given that, what's out there that's reliable, that will get me to a wider audience and be more worth my time than hype marketing? is it worth setting up a Last FM page? Should I send to online radio stations etc?

    My main goal here is sustainability.. Bueller?
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    Youtube vids seem to be the best way to gain any kind of online fan base in appreciable numbers. Don't really think that translates to sales, but it's a start and easily sustainable...IF your vids are up to snuff.


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      yea I forgot to mention that one.. That's all I'm looking for, an audience. If they buy, even better.
      Give me my moog, but **** off you american techno rockstar! people in countries I've never been to do it better than you!

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        God only knows why this forum is fading out. It seems like quite a useful forum for the modern musician!

        I would say that sadly most things are worth trying: Last.fm, MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, ReverbNation, Twitter etc. It's all about reaching out there and sadly learning a bit about internet marketing, social media marketing and guerilla/viral video marketing too. Like I've mentioned in posts on other sites, another site I am looking forward to using is Justjamit (Live music online) which I think will be an excellent way of locating a new online audience.


        • John Pattison
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          No doubt it is! I just found out about it. I hope it isn't fading!

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        ....that would beg the question of when to stop.
        How many social networking sites is enough and if you don't jump onto the latest one are you really missing out?
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          you need to post your music on a site that has relevant users. think about where your audience would be looking for the sort of content you provide, and go there and give it to them! don't forget to tag everything you do (videos, posts etc) with your genre of music and your band (if applicable) name
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          • Joseph Kimbrell
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            True, you need to put your music where there are actually people.  


            I did a poll on facebook a few months ago asking people what FIRST turned them on to a new artist.  Overwhelmingly people answered "music video" over just mp3, pictures, bio, etc.


            Even if you don't have a music video, you should have some stuff on youtube.

          • ckoehler
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            This IMHO is the best way to do exactly what you are asking:


          • Joseph Kimbrell
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            I just read "Six-Figure Musician" also, there's some good stuff in there.


            Gonna check out Musicgoat

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          and put the link to your product in your sig......
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            You need to come up with a plan then start to work it. Adjust along the way when you see what is and what is not working. Promotion is the key, one of the best thing you can do is ofer a free download on one of your songs in exchange for their email address. This gets fans on your list and you can market to them so they get to know you, like you and buy your music.

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              Honestly I think one of the most rewarding things you could do is get a 100 bulk CDs, burn them and give a promo copy to everyone you know. Friends, family, fellow musicians. I know its offline, but its reliable and meaningful. I still have people telling me they listen to my old promo CDs years later.

              Other than that I have had the best luck with uploading to Torrent sites, blogging and YouTube. The key is using the Google AdWords tool to find search friendly terms and labeling all your content with that.
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                Try submitting your material to smaller radio stations like a College Station, internet radio, public radio. Good luck