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licensing cover song -- is Limelight ok?

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  • licensing cover song -- is Limelight ok?

    Hi folks,

    I'm putting the final touches on a recording of a cover song, and I'd like to be able to sell it online through iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. (and maybe eventually include it on a physical record).

    I have my first record up on CD Baby -- I notice that they are linking to a service called Limelight that helps you license cover songs.

    Does anyone have experience with them? Is this they way to go, or are their other options to pursue? I have tremendous respect for the original artist and want to make sure to do things completely legitimately.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks a bunch.


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    I license mine through Harry Fox Agency, pay the royalties and all that myself.
    You can go on their site and see if they represent the artist.
    Shane Dunn-Official Site- band updates, gear info, links

    Neros Opening Act/When In Rome


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      Um...please go away, spammer.

      Thanks for the tip, LP_Junkie.