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How do we get on last.fm?

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  • How do we get on last.fm?

    So, I tried getting my band on last.fm, and apparently you can only claim pages that already exist. But my question, is how to they 'begin' to exist? Am I missing something?

    I'd really like to get on there and I think it would be a great tool for us but for the life of me I can't seem to figure it out.

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    To get your music on Last.fm, you will need a labels account.

    If you already have a Last.fm user account:
    If you already have an account on Last.fm as a user, you can register now for an artist or label account.

    If you're a first time Last.fm visitor:
    You will need to register a labels or artist account from which to manage your music. You can register here. Once done, you will then be able to link up your music to your registered account.

    Once you've registered with Last.fm, you will be able to add music to our radio streams, and manage your presence on Last.fm through our Music Manager.


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      With my band, I had scrobbled several tracks just getting the album finished. These automatically showed up as a created artist page on Last.fm and I'm in the process of claiming that right now.



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        If you set up an account you can go into the music manager section and from there start uploading music, that should create a page you can edit.
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          Make sure you detail your page, and really make sure the content and images are well edited and put your best foot forward.
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            Scrobble some of your bands music,and a page will then be created for your band.