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    Hi everyone, it may look like its my first post but I was actually a pretty active member a few years ago but tapered away from playing for quite a few years. I recently started another project about a year ago that Ive always wanted to do (as a bass player) and am enjoying it a lot.
    We still want to get some listener feedback though and Im just trying to hit some of the forums and such I used to be on.
    Its just a bass and drums project. Mainly punk, rock, pop, and metal but were working on some other stuff as well.
    We both sing and mainly look to just write easy, short, catchy stuff. We like them to be under 2 and a half mins, and are personally going for the under/un produced sound. It just seems more fun to us.

    Either or, if anyone feels like giving up 5 mins of their day to hear 2 or 3 tunes and give us some feed back we would appreciate it. Were not looking to be rock stars but would like to start playing out at some local places this year. Mainly starting open mics until we get some good public reactions and more tunes.

    The mostly done stuff is here

    Buff Danny Youtube - Mostly Done

    This is one in our unfinished catagory that just needs the second verse put in but its pretty much done aside that.

    Buffy Danny Youtube - Devi I know

    Any critique, good or bad is appreciated, just take into consideration the production level is about what were looking for in this project (give or take).

    Buff Danny A band consisting of two members.... with two members... not each of course. Starting in mid 2016 from an online ad with the idea of using simply ...
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