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    Wow! Loved that. All around fantastic musicianship. Chris Robinson is a tough vocal act to follow - your vocalist pulls it off really well.

    Beautiful guitar. Bill Collings' passing is a huge loss to the stringed instrument world, and I'm sure he must have been pretty amazing on a personal level. He certainly earned himself a spot in the pantheon of lutherie immortals.


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      Yeah, well done blah blah blah......
      ​But anytime you post something, it's advert for your band. Ever comment on something WITHOUT the plug?
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        He gets moved where this stuff belongs but few months later, here it is again. Sumpn chronic goin on.
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          Moved from EGF...thread topic is a bit misleading as it is not really about a Collings guitar.
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            Editing a comment
            Since the lead guitarist is playing a Tele with P90s, if anything the thread title should be ''P90 Telecaster.''

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          Great sound! Love it


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            It sounds good. I have to listen to it over and over again