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Discounts for a first show at a new venue

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstreck
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    Anyone here do it? If so, how much of a discount? Or is this a bad practice?

    Yes, I do it if they are a hard nut to commit.

    I cut the rate in half.

    You have to figure about 10% won't have you back (they just figure cheap music for the night and don't book another night).

    On the other hand the venues that are well respected and higher pay end up paying me full price anyway.

    It works better for everyone if it's a last minuete booking (that week or the week before) and I don't have to commit 6-8 weeks in advance....(in other words= I'm not working that day anyway).

    Bad practice? Possibly, it's occurred to me.

    Posting on online forums when I should be working on music is a bad practice.
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      Quote Originally Posted by J.Paul
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      ....I cut the rate in half....

      I like J. Paul's "go BIG or go home" approach in this. I done similar when I've been trying to get into a new room.

      My rationale has always been that I want the discount to be grand gesture on my part. One grand enough that it's clear that my band would never work for that amount of money were it not a grand gesture on our part. I also want the grand gesture to say that I'm so confident in our product that I see making the grand gesture as a safe bet.

      When I do go the "discount for the first job" route - I insist that we schedule the "full price" follow-up date at the same time I book the "discount for the first job" date. The bar owner and I both know that all he's gotta do is say "NO" to cancel the full price date. I simply feel that talking about specific dates in these situations is a better approach than playing a heavily discounted date - and then having to go back to doing the "let's find an open date" dance all over again.
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