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name the bands/albums that inspired you to write your own music

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  • name the bands/albums that inspired you to write your own music

    for me its Van halen, Kiss, Metallica, led zeppelin, ac/dc. any riff oriented bands changed my life. also joe satriani, steve vai, santana for the instrumental rock stuff.

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    I don't consider myself a composer. (see following) These guys fuel my creativity in all kinds of ways

    Bach Beethoven Brahms Chopin Hindemith Stravinsky Holst Schubert Mahler Copland Bernstein Haydn Mozart Lauridsen Tchaikovsky Prokofiev Ravel numerous jazz composer/arrangers numerous rock/prog/fusionjazz guitarists drummers violinists brass woodwind bassists piano/keys/percussion singers and another page full of names.
    Um... yeah that's it.
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      My biggest inspiration are Iron Maiden and Therion. It´s strange combination, isn´t it? And my music unite these two music styles at one. Strange or interesting? You have to wait a couple of months to release my first solo album, which will include these songs.


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        Two bands that really inspired me to write my own music were Aerosmith and Evanescence. I have many, many, more influences now, but those were the first ones, and yes that is an odd combination. I wanted my songs to groove like Aerosmith but at the same time have the dark hard rock lyrical poetry characteristic of Ev.


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          Jethro Tull, Crest of a Knave. Also, Broadsword and the Beast.


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            Led Zep
            Pink Floyd
            Iron Maiden
            Spiral Beach (nobody ever heard of them, but damn good songwriting, now defunct)
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              Elton John "Honky Chateau".
              Utopia "Utopia"
              Prince "1999"