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Anyone with experience with a Marshall 9005?

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  • Anyone with experience with a Marshall 9005?

    Im my search for a new poweramp, I stumbled accross a 9005. Im sure someone here had one once. Not a big fan of the 4spaces it takes up since I was trying to downsize to a 1 space poweramp. Read a few reviews and they seem positive.

    Thanks for any info

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    Heavy as hell. Not very loud. I played one auditorium without a pa to hear myself on stage I had to run both sides full up.


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      not exactly a glowing review. I think Im still going to do it though. the price is right and Im not exactly playing 1st ave


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        What's the price? I got a Peavey 120/120 Classic that sounds great and is looking for the right home.
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          Dear god. got it for 175 newly tubed. A channel needs rebiasing but the b channel is fine. Pulled the tubes from the A channel and just ran the B channel and jesus. Talk about that marshall poweramp bark. completly different beast than my old classic 60/60 and about 3x louder. Savage has delt with these before with my symptoms and they are guessing about 75 bucks so that would put it at 250 roughly fixed. Im blown away. Never had a VHT or anything though so my base of reference is small.