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What to do? No Axess Products......

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  • What to do? No Axess Products......

    I was waiting all summer and fall for Axess to re-open when Mario called it quits. (Sad day) I'm even "still" willing to wait a bit longer to see if his business is bought out and continued. However, I must stay in reality and finish my rig system. This causes me to explore other products. This is my first rack system. It's a 20 space rack consisting of the usual 8 pedals, 3-4 effects (19" units), mixer, preamp, rack wah etc.....

    So far, I'm looking at Skydstrup SC1 Midi Foot Controller/MR10 Loop System which is pricy and far away from a standpoint of service.

    If I were to look at separate manufacturers, I am considering
    Liquid Foot Pro (foot switcher)
    (not sure if they make an expander yet)
    and the Sound Sculpture Switchblade GL for my Router/Switcher

    I usually prefer the same manufacturer for sync/ compatibility issues but here I am, doing what I have to do! I sure do welcome any comments/feedback from anyone experienced with these products as well as any others you might feel I should look at.

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    I guess my main questions would many loops are you going to need in the switcher. Do you want to be able to route the switcher any way you please i.e. switchblade, or can it just be a straight through like the rocktron patchmate or the GCX.

    Also, how many instant access buttons do you want, how many program change buttons do you want...etc.

    My Rocktron All Access does a great job for me, and I got mine used for around 500 bucks.


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      I'm thinking at least ten loops, so a few more offering headroom never hurts. Also, the idea of being able to experiment with regard to the order of my loops. I'm not sure how important that is at this point but the idea appeals.
      I'm shooting for a W/D/W configuration. Running an Egnater M-4 pre, a 69 Marshall Super Bass, 67 Traynor Bass Mate(driving a Talk Box) and a 67 Fender Bassman up the middle. L/R Wet cabs are powered by Mesa Stereo Rectifier.
      The number of Program change buttons? I think six. Four is too few. Again, I prefer a little headroom on all fronts.
      Are you familiar with the Axess RX1 unit and all of it's functions?
      Definitely single rack space.