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How to place transformers?

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  • How to place transformers?

    I have a bunch of Boss/Roland half-rack units - 3 SE-70s, a VF-1, and a GI-20 + JV-1010 on the way. There's a few more pieces of gear that fill a six space rack as well.

    With that configuration, I have a lot of transformers. Right now I've got a homegrown shmozzle of cords and power strips together which just doesn't work for me.

    In an attempt to clean all that up, a Furman power conditioner is on the way as well. Question is, can I put all the transformers on a rack shelf above the Furman?

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    Hmm..Looks like a mess. I don't have a full answer. But, a Furman will clean that up. I would say just place the transformers behind your rig so it can look more spiffy. I always just placed the conditioners in the rack and then if I had extras I would just place them behind my amp.


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      Sure, you can put them anywhere you want. i looked like you had them in a good spot int the pic, just tidy up the cords.
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        Thanks everyone for the input!

        I've since put the Furman into the bottom rack and created a cable snake for the power cables - they're hanging out the back and temporarily I have them routed up the left side of the rack (looking from the back) with wire ties acting as rings. Better than it was...though there's probably another step or two to this.

        I'll say this about the Furman M-8X I got - it's very shallow, unlike the PL series conditioner I had a couple of years ago. If you have wall warts like I do, you can't put the Furman on the top and hope to let them hang down into the next rack space.