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Suggestions for a Rack EQ

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  • Suggestions for a Rack EQ

    Looking for a stereo rack EQ to add in before my signal hits my poweramp. Any suggestions? Ive been kind of looking at the Alesis EQ's. Do you have to worry about hitting them with too much signal after the pre?

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    You want a midi-controllable eq so that you can change the curve as you change presets on your preamp (and/or guitars)?


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      would be nice but if I could tame my gain channel, I think I can work around it clean


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          My only suggestion is keep it simple.
          I bought a stereo shelving EQ for my power amp rig and decided right away, I didn't want to be dealing with something ridiculous like 31 bands.

          Would you really want to have to play with 31 bands of EQ or trust someone to do it for you when running your sound checks for a gig?
          Not everywhere is going to sound the same so always be prepared to eventually, play a venue that requires changing your set in stone settings.

          And if you want it REAL easy, just get a parametric rack EQ. I went with a simple 11 band stereo with subwoofer outputs and bass cut filters on the mains but, even yet to use it wish I had just gotten a parametric due to the ease of use while still having enough headroom.