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Putting Rack FX Inline

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  • Putting Rack FX Inline

    I have Tube preamp, 3 DDL's and a D-Reverb and a ART multfx can I run them all inline or will it be too much of a tone suck to the front end of a 100 watt Marshall

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    reverb generally works best at the end of the chain or parallel, but it really all depends on what you're going for. i'd suggest to just try hooking it up until you find the right fit.

    Good cables help prevent tone loss, but it seems to me that tone loss occurs from the caliber of gear rather than where you put it in your chain.


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      I would think you would not want your multi fx unit in front of your preamp ... does the Marshall have an fx loop?


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        I would think that you would want to run the whole chain into your Marshall head's FX return jack, such as:

        Tube Preamp --> Multi FX (given you have the standalone DDL and reverb pedals, I assume you use this primarily for modulation, such as chorus, flange, phaser, etc.?) --> DDL --> DDL --> DDL --> Reverb --> Marshall FS Return jack

        This suggestion is based on the assumption you can run an instrument level signal out of your multi fx unit into your pedals.