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Messing Around with Wet Dry Settings (Video Inside)

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  • Messing Around with Wet Dry Settings (Video Inside)

    this started out from the other thread where we were discussing cabinets in stereo.

    it was recorded with the Zoom Q3 which was set on Low Gain so the volume of your speakers has to be turned up really high. will re-record it again using the Normal Gain setting.

    the first video i'm using just one cab (the right side) and set it to stereo. the two right speakers has a dry sound, and the left speakers i have the slave out to the G Major and just a very short delay (35ms) with no feedback. it's powered with a Carvin UH 150 power amp.

    the second video i'm using two cabs. the cab on the right is the dry cab and the one on the left is the wet cab. the left cab is the oversize 4x12. did not have another standard size, but if this is the route i'm gonna go, i'll pick up a standard 4x12 instead.

    my own thoughts:

    1. the two cabs sounds much deeper, but i would like to try it in the band setting with my bass player.
    2. the one cab on stereo is a much improvement over my original setting (mono with no dry/wet setting).
    3. if using one cab stereo at gigs, i may have problems with the soundguy not wanted to mic two speakers.
    4. another problem is sometimes i have to use the house cab; which means re-routing my whole rig. might be a problem.

    what are you guys thoughts? has anyone every try similar settings? what were the outcome? thanks!


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    I'd just buy a small mixer, put it in the back off the rack. Then when you're supposed to play over a mono cab mix the wet and dry together in the back of the rack just before you send the signal to the poweramp.