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g major people - pitch shift question

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  • g major people - pitch shift question

    i'm trying to set up a pitch shift with an expression pedal. at 0 on the pedal, i want no shift, at 100 i want an interval, say a fifth. i set up the pitch shift interval in the effects block, then assign my pedal, no probs there. but once i swing the exp pedal, the pitch range keeps reverting to 2 octaves. i go back into the effects block and the intervals been set to 2 octaves, not a fifth. can't seem to get around it, any ideas?
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    I'm also trying to do something like this and having the same luck. Since your thread is a few months old with no replies I'm guessing it's not going to work...
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      Yes this thread is not at all getting any replies,i dont think this will work...