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    I'm currently in the market for a new preamp and wanted everyone's opinion on the two choices that I'm looking at.

    Axefx Ultra and the Randall RM4 preamp.

    The AxeFx seems to have quite a convincing amount of emulated amps, but for simplicity the Randall makes it easy.

    On top of that I'm wondering for live situations how the AxeFX holds up (I don't know if it's a "studio" type of piece than a road piece)

    So what are ya'lls opinions?

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    No idea about the AxeFX, as I haven't tried one, but the RM4 is a great preamp. A friend of mine has one in his studio, with several modules, and I've yet to hear one that doesn't sound good. Whether the modules are accurate to the amps they're based on, I couldn't say as I had no basis for comparison, but the important thing to me is that the RM4 absolutely responds to my playing like a real amp and not a digital model like the Line6 and Digitech stuff I've tried. Not that I couldn't do what I needed to do with a modeler, but I wouldn't want to play through one live if an RM4 was available.

    For someone who needs a lot of different tones right out of the box, the AxeFX might be a better option though. I generally just need three tones: clean, high-gain rhythm and high-gain lead w delay.
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      In my experience, the AxeFX has quite a learning curve. If you go that route, be prepared to invest a lot of tweaking time.
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        I looked at both of those and went with a Digitech GSP1101.
        I'm actually very happy with it overall.
        Get the control 2 for it and it's a great combination.
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          The Original. Randall Amplifiers and legendary amp guru Bruce Egnater have joined forces in designing the new MTS series. Introducing the new RM4 modular tube preamp, the first edition of the new MTS series, with more modular products on the way. Now you can change your amp tone as often as you like, simply by plugging in your choice of any of the 12 available tube preamp modules. This 4-channel preamp gives all the flexibility of any digital modeling amp, but does it with all-tube circuitry, based on the original circuit specifications.
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            Myself i love tubes. I love the Engl 580, Bogner Fish I also have the engl 530
            which the Engl 580 decimates. I hope a tube change will help it. I had the AxeFx ultra and it sounded cool to the ears but its a direct recording device..
            Its not tube distortion nor does it have a couple tubes in it to warm it up.

            If you have all the time in the world to tweek the AxeFx may work for you.
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              There are tons of module mods at the Randall forum, both "how to's" and for sale.


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                The 580's great, but I hear tell it's quite pricey in the states... I hear good things about the H&K Access. And there's always the triaxis.