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I am building up a rack rig

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  • I am building up a rack rig

    I just bought an ADA MP-1 from an ebay seller and I am also buying a Peavey Classic 60/60 to power the rig. I will also probably put my old TC G-Major in the rack for effects.

    It has been many years since I had a rack rig. It should be a fun rig toplay with.

    I have a GAS sickness and can't seem to sop buying gear. I have over 20 guitars and 5 or 6 amps and I am always looking for something cool or a good deal.

    What Me Worry?

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    Clips and pics when you've put it together!
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      I was reading about some pro rigs from the 80s that used the MP-01 and it seems that many of them used a BBE Sonic Maximizer in the rack.

      They seem to go pretty cheap on eBay, so maybe I will pick one up for the new rig.

      I already have three regular amps that I rotate in and out, this will add rig number four to the mix. The other rigs are Fender Super Sonic combo, Traynor YBA-1 head, Seymour Duncan Convertible combo all used with a Line6 M13 pedal.

      What Me Worry?


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        If you decide to add a Sonic Maximizer, you might want to look for a 362NR. They were more of a "general purpose" unit than some that were built with guitar rigs in mind, but I have one in my home studio guitar rig, and I've found it very useful for removing harsh highs before they ever enter the mix.

        I used to own a modded MP-1, and still have Peavey Classic 60 (mono) and 50/50 power amps. Pretty hard to go wrong with that combination.
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