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Controlling 02 multi-effect using 1 midi controllers?

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  • Controlling 02 multi-effect using 1 midi controllers?

    Hi guys,

    I'm a complete noob bout guitar rack and I just started to build my 4u rack. I got a Voodu Vavle and a G-major. I wanted to use the Rocktron as a preamp and G-major for other effects.

    Is there anyway I can control them both through 1 midi controller, like Rocktron midimate?

    Thanks guys.



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    Yeah. No problem. All you have to do is assign each piece of gear a MIDI Channel (Voodoo Valve - Channel 1. G Major - Channel 2 for example), and the controller will send out commands for each individual channel.

    Look at the manual for your G Major and Voodoo Valve to find out how to assign their channels


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      Got it running. Thanks for the help.


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        Yeah one time I hooked 4 different rack units up and set them all on different midi channels..... and I was changing patches on all 4 of them simultaneously with my Behringer FCB1010.

        It was crazy!! I'd never use that capability in my rig...... but it's cool to know I can do it.
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