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Live Sound Power amps in instrument rigs?

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  • Live Sound Power amps in instrument rigs?

    What are your guys thoughts on using solid state poweramps designed for PA and studio use in instrument rigs with a preamp designed for said rigs such as ADA mp-1? I am a guitarist/ bass guitarist and am looking to add a bass rig into my rack. I like the flexability of having seperate pre/power amp situation but I'm interested to know if people use live audio power amps and what kind of sound you get.

    Thank you for any reply

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    John Taylor from Duran Duran uses/used Peavey GPS amps to power his 8X10 cabs. Daryl Jones uses Crown Macro Techs to power his backline with the Rolling Stones. It's not uncommon, its that "tube" sound that many guitarists swear by that makes it seem different.


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      I'm looking at the Carvin DCM1000 as a poweramp and maybe a Sansamp RBI or BBE BMax for the pre. They both seem excellent. I like this option because I have a rocktron patchmate and think it would be nice to have a couple preamp options one day. The ADA MB-1 seems really cool as one for the future because of the patch editing option but I can't seem to find them anywhere. Are their any other pre's with that option?