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  • Still In Love With The Rockmaster

    I've been away from my regular rig for most of the summer. Had to get out of town and could only bring my strat, pictured in my avatar. Most of 9 weeks I spent playing on borrowed amps, jam night amps, and most of it no amp at all. Got to know the sound of my strat and found that in a quiet space with no amp at all, it can sound unbelievable. But, oh boy, it's good to be back to the PV Rockmaster. What a great clean AND distortion design. If I had a slew of money, I'd probably get a CAD 3+3 too, but I don't and only God knows if the economy is ever going to co-operate again. Today, I'm just grateful for this unit, 'cuz it's sounding righteous!

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    I have one myself, and although I've never been 100% satisfied with any Peavey amp that I've owned (which has been several) the Rockmaster has become my go-to preamp for recording.

    On one hand, I wish Peavey would bring it back, but on the other hand, they'd probably screw up the tone or build quality.
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    ^^ this guy just said "lard tsunami".

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      I love my Rockmaster preamp. Amazing how difficult they are to get hold of now (in the UK anyway).

      I have 2 rigs, one is my midi recording rig, which consists of a GSP1101 and a mp-1 and a JMP1. The other is my 80's fun rack, which is built around a rockmaster pre and a bunch of old FX units. Guess which one gets the most use!!


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        Anybody have tips on what brand and so on of tubes are good for the RM? Last time I put a set of JJ's in, it seemed to me that they did not hold up that well.


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          In V1 socket I have a JJ, for the cleans.

          All the rest are Sovtek 12ax7wa

          This combination works best for me.


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            Thanks, hoodoo. I'll give that a try.


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              The Rockmaster is one of my favorite preamps!