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n00b questions regarding rack, effects etc

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  • n00b questions regarding rack, effects etc

    Okay, I have an ada mp-1. How would I work that with a footswitch if I got a multi-fx unit such as the gmajor or intellifex? I would like to have a chorus, slight delay and the preamp output of the ada1 but how would it switch and make the different presets having the effects then not? Is there a way to sync them up?
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    MIDI will do that for you.
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      You need a MIDI controller.

      something like the Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro. That's what I use.
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        If you set both the preamp and FX to listen to the same MIDI channel - then selecting PATCH#1 on the footswitch is going to send to both units, and whatever you programmed into the #1 slot will be selected.

        So you can go from :

        HEAVY GRIND + ( Chorus )

        to :

        CLEAN + (Slap Echo / Big Reverb) . with just one press of a pedal change switch.

        I decided to use a second, simpler switch for FX and my RollsRFX footswitch just for the preamp. It's not as fast as a single switch setup, but for jamming or practice it's much more flexible at selecting different combinations of things. If I were gigging more I'd program fewer presets and use a single switch again.
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