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    Why cant I put a new review in the H-C user review.This forum is screwed up.Does any one know how to get in? This was the only place I could even get into....I have been along time user and Guitar,Amp,FX reviews...Sorry about posting here Help me out

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    I too am completely lost in the new reviews section. I used to come here for info on particular gear, now I find the new system an absolute nightmare. I keep coming with the hope they return to the old system (as I recall to have read they would do), yet I end up going elsewhere for the info I used to find (and contribute, BTW) here.
    Newer isn't always better, I'm afraid.
    It's a pity, this used to be THE place to find that kind of stuff.
    Patricio Murphy / Musician-Producer


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      ^^ Agreed. But, you'll be happy to know that the "mostly-back-to-the-way-it-was" revision is in a test environment to make sure it works. Once it does, the code will be rolled out.

      From what I've seen it's MUCH easier to submit a review, and several tweaks have been made. I think, for example, that we'll be one again able to see the date when a review was posted.

      Don't get me started as to why that ever went away.

      Thanks for being patient. What the new User Reviews was supposed to do vs. what they did were two very different things, and we're still digging out from that mess. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.
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