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Demo of my new (to me) Lexicon MPX-550

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  • Demo of my new (to me) Lexicon MPX-550

    So I just got this Lexicon MPX 550 off Ebay for $210 shipped. I couldn't pass that up. I've been wanting one of these for 5 years!!

    So when I plugged it into 2 amps in stereo I was freakin' out it sounded so amazing!!

    So I attempted to make this demo in stereo to recreate what it's like.

    I really love the reverbs. So rich and spacious. The video is long... (10 minutes). If you start getting bored of the reverbs..... fast forward to around 50 or so to check out the awesome modulation effects!! Super nice tremolo, rotary, chorus, and flanger!!

    I don't know whether to have this thing in my gigging guitar rig or my studio rack LOL!

    I recorded with these two amps:

    MXL R144 ribbon mic on the JCM 800:

    Zoom H2 on the MG100HDFX halfstack:

    The Lexicon is in the effect loop of the JCM 800 and it's left output is going to the clean channel of the MG100HDFX.
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    Loved the 6:30 rotary then you increased the speed. Cheers, Lucius
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