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2 effects through mixers's stereo aux return-any problems?

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  • 2 effects through mixers's stereo aux return-any problems?

    Putting together a rig and was wondering if there would be any signal problems running two seperate effect boxes(Yamaha GEP50 and Line6 DL4) through a single stereo aux return? I know I'd be limited to only be able to adjust the mix of both boxes with the mixer knob but can deal with that. Please let me know, thanks!!!
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    I run an Alesis 3630 Compressor into an Aphex Aural Exciter from aux sends 1 & 2 and back into aux return 3 to blend the compressed excited signal into the main mix and I have no problems with it it sounds great!
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      Its not ideal but it usually works. you may find the yamaha a bit noisy running through there. I have the same units and its pretty old technology. its OK in a guitar rack or for recording but doesnt sound all that great on a live mixer. you also must be sure you pan the effects in the unit to 100% so you dont get a feedback using it in an effects loop.