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Best Way to Audition Rack on the Road

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  • Best Way to Audition Rack on the Road

    Okay this is a total noob question so sorry if I am missing something obvious. Say you are on the road in your hotel room and you want to check/practice using your rack gear (with which you normally go direct to PA when playing live) with no headphone outs. How would you get a stereo out to your headphone?

    My question is really can you recommend a reasonably priced and portable power amp for headphones to which you could route two 1/4" jacks (or more) from your rack?

    Many thanks in advance


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    Small mixer would be the simplest answer. It's exactly what're doing at a gig, just plug your headphones into the phones output. Behringer's 1002 would be a cheap solution but Mackie, Yamaha, etc do similar things if you want to go upmarket a bit more.
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