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Need some rack advice......rack and head setup!

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  • Need some rack advice......rack and head setup!


    So I have a tube head that I love. I am also shopping for some rack gear that will house a bunch of effects that I can trigger with some sort of floorboard. Ideally, I would love to have one board that can talk to the head and my rack stuff. An expression pedal would be nice as well. Planning on using the 4CM to hook this up.

    I have looked at the following:

    Axe FX Ultra - number one choice. The MFC-101 foot controller looks cool with it as well. Not sure if I can make it talk to my amp head though.

    POD X3 Pro - I am used to POD's, and would probably make this work easily. I'm assuming my existing Line 6 floorboard would work with it. But again, I would have to manually change my amp channels.

    TC Electronics G-System: Looks cool. Not sure if it would change my amp channels though. My head does not have an external switching option. So will it work with the existing channel switching options?

    I guess I'm wanting one board that will do it all. Any thoughts? Advice? Totally appreciate your time if you answer without too much sarcasm.
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    What switches do you need for the tube head? There are various rack units out there that have momentary and/or latching switches that can control amps such the Midi to General Purpose Output units on this page Other options depending on what your needs are include Voodoo Labs GCX, Sound Sculpture Switchblade, second hand Axess units if you can find them.

    Midi pedal, rack fx unit and one of the above should do the job.

    Other option is something like the Behringer FCB 1010 Midi pedal that comes with a couple of relay switches built in that can be programmed per patch. Couple of leads to the switch controls on your amp, midi lead to the rack fx box and this should do the job as well.

    Good luck with it.
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      Thanks for the response and the link! I'm don't know enough about systems that can talk to my amp head and tell it to switch channels. But I appreciate the link.

      So if I had this setup: Tube head, Line 6 X3. What would I need as a floorboard to talk to both items so that I could access the amp channels, and any combination of effects and such from the X3?

      I would prefer to not use any behringer any other suggestions would be great.
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        What make and model is the tube head? It would help a lot to know what you've got and are trying to switch - how many channels, reverb, volume boost, eq, any built in effects? Does the foot pedal for the head have mono plugs, stereoplugs, or something different where it attaches to the amp? All these are factors in considering what switching unit will do the job.

        All the switching unit is doing is replacing the footswitch(es) you use to control the amp. I can't think of another Midi pedal in production that has relays built in, afraid you'll need to Google some for that although the Behringer FCB1010 is actually really highly rated unlike most of their stuff but if it isn't a option, fair enough.

        Have a look through the Voodoo Labs GCX stuff here to understand what it can do for you.

        Not familiar with the X3, can it be midi controlled?
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        Mistaking a fanny for an arse is probably the reason behind their obsession with SIIHP.


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          The amp is a B-52 AT-100. In essence, it has 3 channels, effects loop, and reverb. The foot pedal that came with the amp has 4 options: Gain, Channel, Reverb, Effects. It has stereo plugs.

          The X3 can be midi controlled.

          That link for voodoo labs might work out nicely. Thank you....I will check it out more in-depth.
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            Don't discount the FCB1010 too much, it's an awesome unit.
            If you want to really get some flexibility out of your setup; I'd recommend a Ground Control Pro with a GCX.
            The GCX could switch channels on your B52 and it'll give you the flexibility to do some nice routing of your signal with an effects processor.
            The AxeFX can do some great things with the 4 cable method by using the preamp section of your head in the loop of the AxeFX, giving you the ability to use the B52 tone or bypass the preamp section of the B52 and run the AxeFX tones into the power section of your head.
            4CM also opens up the possibility of pre and post effects of course.
            The Ground Control Pro will let you connect two expression pedals to it and you can control a ton of parameters in the AxeFX with them.
            If you don't want to go the GCX route, the Ground Control Pro is also fine to use on it's own. It's an excellent midi controller.
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