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would you think a boogie preamp with a vht power amp would sound ok?

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  • would you think a boogie preamp with a vht power amp would sound ok?

    my fave amp is the pittbull.

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    any one?


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      any one?

      Which Pre amp? What sound are you going for?


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        I would think so. That's kind of a vague question. I think the only Mesa Pre that wasn't overly well received was the Formula. I've never heard or read a single complaint on the VHT/Freyette power amps. All that being said, I don't think you could wrong running either of the 2 together. I could be wrong, but if your favorite amp is the Pittbull, VHT used to make an all tube rack mount pre that was supposed to cover a lot of the VHT sounds up to the Sig-X. Then of course, you'd probably be cheaper off just buying a Pittbull......but there's not really that much fun in that if you're trying to build a monster rack.
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          I'm running a triaxis into a solid state power amp and it KILLS. I'd imagine a power amp four times the price of mine would be even better. sounding good really just comes down to playing the guitar anyway.


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            The answer is yes. :-)


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