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Any experience with Gator GSR2U...?

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  • Any experience with Gator GSR2U...?

    I gig an Akai EWI and keyboard. Depending I may use just one, the other or both. I currently have a Roland rack unit for sounds in a 3U SKB case with a mixer and DI setup.

    This is too much wiring and complexity to lug around.

    I would like to just have the Roland unit and do the rest on a laptop. I also would like this to work as (or become) my main studio so it needs to be portable and easy to use.

    I've been thinking about how how to transport this and I found this bag this 2U rack + laptop bag here:

    EDIT: There's also this: GR-STUDIO2GO - it seems to allow you open and use the laptop.

    Basically its a laptop bag with a 2U rack setup in it.

    Anyone here have experience with this bag?

    Anyone have other recommendations?

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    When I (and/or we) transport our rack gear, it gets tossed around a little. I certainly don't toss my laptop in a soft case in with the rest of the hard gear. **************** shifts on transit, **************** gets piled on top, **************** happens. The stronger and heavier duty the cases, the better. That's just my experience.