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G-Major 2 issue with Ground Control Pro and expression pedals.

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  • G-Major 2 issue with Ground Control Pro and expression pedals.

    My setup:
    Guitar -> Egnater M4 -> GMajor2 -> Mesa 50/50 Power Amp

    I use a Ground Control Pro to control my rack.
    Connected to the GCP, I have two expression pedals (Ernie Ball Jr's).

    One expression pedal is configured as CC5, the other as CC7 - yes, both are turned on in the GCP
    (I use this same board and both pedals with my AxeFX rig to do the same type of control and it works great)

    What I want to do is this:
    One expression pedal always used for GlobalOutput Volume.
    The other expression pedal for Wah.

    I can go into MOD assignment, go to GlobalOutput, hit learn, touch the exp. pedal I want to be used for volume control and it shows up as CC7. Great.
    I then go to MOD1 and hit learn, touch the other exp. pedal, it shows up as CC5. Great.

    Now - what happens is that it's like for GlobalOutput, the pedals are being shared.
    Meaning that one pedal will control the global output volume, but the other if backed all the way off - will bring the volume down a bit as well. So, it's like the GM2 is using both pedals for the same control.
    the MOD1 control still works as well, but at the expense of my volume fluctuating up and down - no, there are no other mods assigned to anything, so there are no shared assignments.

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?

    Second question - is there a way to set up the wah to auto engage?
    I know that I can set the FILTER mod to on/off for the exp. pedal, but it only comes on when the exp pedal is moved all the way forward - not sure if there's a On when the midi being sent is say somewhere from 20-127 and anything below 20 is FILTER off??
    Then maybe also assign MOD2 to be the filter sweep.
    Whatever it takes for auto engage to work - I'm all ears.
    Jim Rodgers
    Custom built pedals and mods. Ask me about Line 6 mods!