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Immediate help with MOTU 8 Pre

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  • Immediate help with MOTU 8 Pre

    I've finally got everything in my rig going and Ive been recording non stop for a few weeks now. This morning, I trip over my firewire cable. Bent on the back of MOTU. It will not show up on my Mac anymore. No more signal through headphones. Has levels on the front, but nothing coming through phones. Bought it on eBay. It's already registered and MOTU is a terrible company for customer support. Wont answer anything without it being registered and its already registered under someone elses name.

    What can I do??? I need this to record RIGHT NOW. Im losing my mind. I cant spend $500 on one at guitar center. I bought this for $300. Nothing on eBay. Tech said he cant just fix the firewire port because the motherboard probably cracked too. WTF. help please.

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    Very difficult to tell without actually examining the victim. You may be able to get by with buying an IEEE 1394 jack, tracing the connections back from the broken one, and soldering wires from those traces to the jack.

    Cracked mobo may or may not be fatal, hard to say without seeing it. Good luck!
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