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Eleven Rack quandary!

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  • Eleven Rack quandary!

    I need a new modeller/fx processor and was pretty set on the Pod HD Pro until the 11R reared its tempting little head. But i have a few questions mainly relating to its integration with non Pro Tools gear. I run Logic and Garageband with an Apogee Duet interface and would not be using using Pro Tools or any other Digidesign kit in the near future. So will the 11R run as a simple front end, connect straight via the stereo out XLR's and be fully working. I don't HAVE to be running PT to use it basically? And there is no editing software for creating tones like the Line6 Edit programmes.
    Also i've read several things about not being able to back up tones unless using PT which seems pretty limiting.

    So basically is the 11R worth getting if your not running Pro Tools and will i still be able to get the major features from it aside from the PT specific stuff.

    Oh and as a last point, is it that much better sounding than the HD pro, it seems to be really pretty good from the demo's i've heard but the HD Pro also sounds good how ever the 11R seems to provide more of the heavier models i would be inclined to use the most.

    Any Advice please!
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    i have found that the actual use of the equipment is dramatically different than the web demo's.... better to listen to youtube or try to find one to play in the fashion you will be using it.


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      Since Digidesign makes the Eleven Rack and ProTools, the intent is to use it with Pro Tools. I have used mine in Stand Alone mode to record with non Pro Tools software, going out of the XLR main outs. There are also Digital in/out AES/EBU(XLR) and S/PDIF(RCA) connections. Most of the editing functions are available via the front panel but the ability to move presets from one slot to another and backing up presets to you computer are only done in Pro Tools.
      I started using the Eleven Rack a little over a year ago, I don't think I'll ever use a traditional amp/cab setup again. In live situations I send a line level signal to the soundman, everyone on stage gets the exact level on guitar in the monitor they want. I'm not fighting with the soundman to get my amp loud enough to sound good and the tone is consistent every time. As far as recording, I've wrote (and practiced) more than I ever have before. It's like have the keys to an incredibly well stocked music store.
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        Can you use the Eleven Rack without buying into ProTools? Yes, absolutely. When I bought my Eleven Rack, I immediately gave my PT disc and registration card to Mrs. TDD, unopened.

        Your information is correct. You can't back up patches or install downloaded patches without using PT. If that's a show-stopper for you, stay away from the Eleven Rack.

        On the plus side, the Eleven Rack has *very* good modeling. The models *sound* right, they behave as expected, and the controls match up with "the real thing". The last two points are big deals if you're already used to playing amps that you intend to replace with the Eleven Rack; just dial in your usual settings and you're good to go. To the best of my knowledge, you can't do that on any other modeler.

        Also, the Eleven Rack's built-in UI is quite easy to use. I have yet to regret having given up the ability to edit settings on a computer rather than the Eleven Rack's front panel.

        If you're the kind of guy who wants to download other people's patches, though, you *must* install ProTools. Think about that...

        As far as recording goes: yes, you can run the Eleven Rack's outputs straight into your recorder. As FDB has noted, you have multiple options for that. I'll add that if you're using a DAW (even if it's not ProTools) and want to use your Eleven Rack as an interface, you can download a USB driver from Avid. (Personally, I just run analog outs from the Eleven Rack to my recording gear.)

        One more thing: I'd advise you to make sure that you get the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack. New stock comes with the ERXP preinstalled. If you buy old stock or buy used from someone who hasn't already installed the ERXP for you, you'll have to spend another $98 if you want the ERXP (and, as far as I'm concerned, it's worth every penny). Just make sure that the price you pay reflects whether or not you're getting the ERXP.
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          There's useful Eleven Rack material here on the site...

          How to use Eleven Rack with other programs

          Eleven Rack pro review with lots of audio examples and comments from other users

          How to make amp sims sound more analog, which includes Eleven Rack examples

          The current deals I'm seeing for Eleven Rack are basically the rack, expansion pack, and Pro Tools for $900. As Pro Tools comes with it anyway, go ahead and install it...if you use it only for editing and preset management, no problem. You could even record into Pro Tools, export the audio, and bring it into Logic.

          There's also some question about how much attention Logic will get in the future from Apple, whereas Pro Tools is Avid's flagship software. It never hurts to become familiar with Pro Tools, it's not my main DAW but I've done a lot of sessions with it because I know how to use it.
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            The core amp sounds in the 11R are fantastic for a modeler, and the feel is very realistic. Also, though the 11R does not have a ton of fx, the ones that are in it sound spectacular, and the analog models, particularly the modulation effects, have the messy/gooey sound many digital emulations lack.