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VHT 2150 poweramp with 1 4x12 cab is stereo mandatory ?

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  • VHT 2150 poweramp with 1 4x12 cab is stereo mandatory ?

    Well, I just got a VHT 2150 poweramp to sit underneath a mesa triaxis and I was wondering if I should just run the 1 4x12 cab at 16ohms through channel A and leave channel B in standby mode (since there's no input/output on channel B). Is this a proper setup without damaging the amp or do I have to run the poweramp in stereo through the cab ? It's a marshall 1960AV so I can switch it to stereo 8ohm as well. The poweramp has an impedance selector per channel so I can match it either way. Just want to know if I can leave 1 channel disconnected and leave it in standby or not.

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    Leave it on standby with no input. All controls at zero with nothing plugged in.
    Do all your playing on the other channel. Switch between the two channels every week or every two weeks. It'll help keep the tubes aging at close to the same rate.
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      What Oblivion said exactly.