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Amp channel switching with G Major and GC GCX

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  • Amp channel switching with G Major and GC GCX

    Hi folks:

    If you are going to use a G Major to change channels on an amp with no midi capabilities, do you also need a Ground Control GCX or an RJM Amp Gizmo to do this, or will the G Major be enough to do this?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    You still need something to change patches. I have a Midi Mouse that does that really well. There are also many other options out there to perform the same task.

    If you look at page 23 (I think) it's talks about controlling the G-Major. Everything you wanted to know and more.
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      If you use a stereo 1/4" to two mono 1/4" jacks, you can control two functions of an amp.
      The G-Major has two relays in it - one for each of the mono jacks that are plugging into your amp.
      You can simply plug them into the amp and turn the relays on and off on the G-Major and it'll change the settings on the amp.
      You would then use any midi controller to connect to the G-Major to switch patches and have each patch configured for what relay you want on/off.
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