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Axe Fx 2 VS. Pod HD 500 Bass Guitar Test + presets

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  • Axe Fx 2 VS. Pod HD 500 Bass Guitar Test + presets

    Hi, everybody! This is a quick Warwick Corvette std. bass guitar test with Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 (firmware version 6.00) and Line 6 POD HD 500 (firmware version 2.0). VST Drums - Toontrack Superior 2.0. There are 2 sections of main riff: 1. Axe Fx 2 chain with Pedal - Type Compressor, Shred Dist (Marshall Shredmaster) and SV Bass amp head (Ampeg SVX). 2. Line 6 POD HD 500 chain with Tube Comp (LA2A Teletronix), Line 6 distortion and Flip Top preamp (Ampeg B-15 NF Portaflex). There are no any cab sims in Axe Fx and POD patches. Music: Planet X "Ignotus per ignotium".
    Axe Fx 2 Bass preset:
    Pod HD 500 Bass preset:

    I was wondering about bass recording possibilities of this devices, so now i'am thinking to use Axe for recording. Pod seems to me a way to muddy. Any opinions? May be somebody used this gear for bass?

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    Why would anyone record a bass head without a cab? I mean it doesn't sound horrible, but it's rather odd.

    I've got an AxeFXII and it's very good at bass, even though I am not very good at playing bass. I had an 11R and dialed in a few nice bass patches and about 2 seconds after getting the AxeFXII I was able to get much better sounds than after months of dialing in the 11R to 'perfection'.
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