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Need help with Yamaha MEP4

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  • Need help with Yamaha MEP4

    I apologize in advance but I'm a midi neophyte looking for guidance.

    I have a Motif Rack ES and an old Roland JV-880 using an Yamaha CP33 for a controller. I'm only in need of horn section and strings from the modules. I want to split the keyboard on the CP33 to play internal sounds on the right side and Motif/880 patches/performances on the left side of the keyboard. I picked up a Yamaha MEP4 in hopes it could get me there.

    My goal is to have 5 or more presets when in the master mode of the CP33. Preset 1 would be CP piano, Motif/880 horns. Preset 2 might be CP33 Rhodes, Motif/Roland strings, etc. Is this possible with this setup? Sounds simple but it hasn't clicked for me yet.

    Thanks for any assistance.